Rapper Logic pays over R $ 1 million for a Charizard letter


Last Friday, the 9th, a rare holographic Charizard card, belonging to the first edition of the 1999 collection, was purchased for an impressive $ 183,812 (approximately R $ 1,020 million, in direct conversion) by rapper Logic, at an auction sponsored by Iconic Auctions. making it the highest amount ever paid for a creature Pokémon card.

Starting with a value of US $ 40 thousand (approximately R $ 223 thousand), Charizard’s rare letter reached its sales record by reaching R $ 1.020 million, surpassing the purchase of the year 2017, when the same edition was sold for about of R $ 306 thousand. Thus, the card purchased by the rapper became the second highest amount paid on a Pokémon card, second only to Pikachu Illustrator, which sold for $ 224,250 (approximately R $ 1,249 mi) in 2019.

Logic posted, on his Instagram profile, a nostalgic text recalling his childhood and the importance of his acquisition, commenting a little on the symbolic value that Charizard had in his life.

“When I was a kid, I loved Pokémon, but I didn’t have the money to buy the cards,” wrote Logic. “I even remember trying to exchange food stamps for them and now, as an adult who saved every penny he earned, being able to enjoy something I love since childhood, now as a grown man, is like buying back a piece of something I could never have. It’s not about the material, it’s about the experience. ”

And you, what is the highest amount you have ever paid on a Pokémon card? Leave the answers in the comments.


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