RB Bragantino vs Sport LIVE (0-0) | 10/18/2020


45 ‘- End of conversation!

The judge whistles and ends the first half.

41 ‘- UUUUH !!!

Artur receives a deep pass from Claudinho, kicks into the goal, the ball deflects and kills Polli in the play. Corner kick!

32 ‘- UUUUH !!!

Arthur cuts diagonally and kicks into the goal. The ball passes close to the post!


After a free kick, Cleiton defends Thiago Neves’ shot with ease.


Thiago Neves tries to score an Olympic goal and Cleiton spreads it out. Beautiful defense and almost goal!

15 ‘- Warm game!

Starting very centered in the middle of the field and with the Sport completely back.

11 ‘- IH, BOY !!

Patric retreats to Polli, he punctures and the ball goes very close to the post. It almost opens the score with a goal against!


Thiago Neves crosses for Barcia and Cleiton leaves the goal. Defense of the goalkeeper!


Claudinho throws to Aderlan, he tries to play for Ytalo and the defense blocks.

0 ‘- It’s started!

The referee blows his whistle and starts the game.

Already arrived!

The teams are already warming up. In a little while the ball rolls!

Lineup (RB Bragantino)

Cleiton; Aderlan, Léo Ortiz, Ligger and Weverson; Raul, Ricardo, Artur, Tubarão and Claudinho; Ytalo.

Lineup (Sport)

Polli; Patric, Maidana, Adryelson and Junior; Marcão, Lima, Natividade, Thiago Neves and Mugni; Hernane.

When is the match RB Bragantino x Sport and how to watch it LIVE and in real time?

The match between São Paulo and Pernambuco will be broadcast in Premire in images and from us, from VAVEL Brasil, in real time. Follow bids and information here, with us.

Where and how to watch the game RB Bragantino x Sport LIVE on TV and in real time?

Championship: Brasileirão Serie A
Local: Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium
Schedule: 20h30
Where to watch: Premiere

Many goals in the last match

Sport arrives in this match after losing to Internacional at home. The scoreboard? 5 to 3. One of the biggest results of this match.


RB Bragantino renewed the contract with the young promise Bruno Gonçalves until 2003. It was revealed by RB Brasil.

Tense weather

Fans run social media campaigns asking for the end of RB Bragantino’s contract with Wesley. The reason? He was convicted of domestic violence in the second instance.

Na meiuca

Sport is in 11th place with 20 points. A victory is important to establish yourself in the top 10.

My phase

In order to avoid the bad phase and get out of the relegation zone, RB Bragantino needs to win this match. The team is in the penultimate position with 13 points.

Last lineup (Sport)

Polli; Patric, Maidana, Adryelson and Junior; Lima, Mugni, Marcão, Natividade and Thiago Neves; Hernane.

Last line up (RB Bragantino)

Cleiton; Aderlan, Realpe, Ligger and Weverson; Ricardo, Raul, Claudinho, Tubarão and Leandrinho; Ytalo.

How and where to watch the match RB Bragantino x Sport live on TV?

RB Bragantino x Sport live will be broadcast on TV. In addition to the real time here at Vavel Brasil, the match will be shown by Premiere.

Stay tuned!

RB Bragantino x Sport live face this Sunday (18), at Estádio Nabi Abi Chedid, at 20:30 (Brasília), for Brasileirão 2020. The confrontation is valid for the seventeenth round of the competition.


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