Reality of Sabrina Sato gathers from ex-A Fazenda the friend of Anitta in search of love


Inspired by a British reality show, this program will debut this Friday on Amazon Prime Video and Record TV on the 30th

Imagine finding that person with the attributes that have always attracted you, from hair color to physical build. Now imagine being alone in a house with seven people just like that. This is the challenge of the reality game ‘Game of Clones’, which opens this Friday (16) on Amazon Prime Video, with a presentation by Sabrina Sato, 39.

The program, inspired by a British reality show, will also air on Record, but starting on the 30th. In all, there will be ten episodes, each with a personality – from model to winner of other realities -, looking for the perfect match among people specially chosen to suit your taste.

But anyone who thinks that this is a cruising reality is wrong. Sabrina says the biggest surprise for her and the participants was just how personality and chemistry become more important than physical appearance. “In the first episode, the hottest cat was eliminated”, jokes Sabrina.

“[O programa] it is exactly that, the search for history, for the essence. Personality counts much more than physical appearance and personalities are unique. Even if they are all the same, with the same clothes, you can find out what each one likes, the life that each one had, what each one seeks inside “, says Sabrina.

And whoever expects a stranger in search of the perfect match, will be surprised. The ten participants looking for a pair include role models and influencers, in addition to the winner of “A Fazenda” 11, Lucas Viana, 29, and the former De Férias with Ex Laryssa Bottino, 22, also known as one of Anitta’s best friends , 27.

According to director David Felton, they only knew that it was a relationship reality, but not about “clones”. From the arrival, however, dates, challenges and parties began, all to bring together candidates for marriage. Even family and friends came to the place to help with the decision.

“In the beginning it is a lot of fun, but then it starts to deepen,” says Felton. “Experience allows people to get to know each other. Physics can be a way to impact, but not to decide. There is no roadmap for relationships, people will want to get to know each other and we will watch it happen.”

“It is interesting to see how, regardless of the experiences that each one has, when they fall in love, they give themselves up and it seems that everything is starting for the first time. The purity is really beautiful,” says Sabrina, who also pointed out that it happens to people fall out of love also during the program.

Still, for Felton, “the format rescues a little bit from the question of getting to know other people. Asking, listening, getting involved with the stories. It is a relationship format, not a prank. We want people to ask, listen, ask questions “, completes the director.


Despite the romantic outlook she seems to have in front of the program, Sabrina Sato points out that there was a catch and bullshit, even behind the scenes.

Contrary to the director’s guidance, the presenter revealed in a press interview that there was a catch even among “clones”.

“There was a ‘clone’ who caught himself, had a triple kiss, but I think there was a lot of love, romance, feeling. But behind the scenes, yes, even a makeup artist of mine got along,” jokes the presenter, who rejected the idea of ​​meeting with clones of her husband, actor Duda Nagle, 37. “One already makes a lot of mess,” he jokes.

The only complaint regarding the program was due to the outsiders. “I was really good at giving out, I got even a little trauma, I will need therapy,” says she, who was responsible for informing the rejected clones of the participants’ final decision.

See who are the participants of the reality:

Aline Tofalo (@alinetofalo), 26, São Paulo – makeup artist and model, grew up in downtown São Paulo and has lived with her father and stepmother since she was a child. He loves to dance, especially hip-hop. Always connected to the city, her life is very hectic, but she also has a very strong connection with nature.

She has had three serious relationships, but has been single for six years. The search has not been easy, and Aline wants to find a man with initiative, who is cool, sincere, practical and focused. If the guy is self-centered and only knows how to talk about himself, for example, the relationship is already doomed to failure.

Bruna Torralba (@brutorralba), 25, Buenos Aires (Argentina) – photographer, was born in Buenos Aires, but moved to Brazil when she was just three years old. He currently lives in Taubaté, in the interior of São Paulo. She studied fashion and cinema in Argentina, worked as a model, but realized that her place was behind the camera. She was single at the end of 2019, it was a distance relationship that lasted three years. Bruna looks for a light person, and can’t stand jealousy. Quite demanding and, at times, a little coarse, Bruna also says she is sensitive, authentic and good-natured. He does not usually drink, loves to go out to eat and prefers to marathon series and movies in his spare time.

Cinthia Cruz (@cinthiacruz_), 20, São Paulo – The actress was known for being part of the cast of the teen soap Chiquititas between 2013 and 2015, when she was just 13 years old. Recently, he returned to appear on the small screens as a participant in the reality show De Férias Com Ex Brasil Celebs. Currently, she also works as a digital influencer and has more than 10 million followers on Instagram. Cinthia is only 20 years old and has been living alone for five months. She is looking for a fellow guy, understanding, helpful and who knows how to surprise.

Isis Simões (@isis_asimoes), 27, São Paulo – Isis is the commercial manager of a wedding company and a plus size model. Having two jobs is proof that she must always be on the move. The paulistana only had two relationships until then, one of them was very long. She has been single for five years and claims that today’s relationships are very disposable. For Isis, men are often frightened by empowered women like her. She is looking for a funny, intelligent and partner guy. In his spare time, he loves to cook and is the official barbecue among his friends. She is passionate about motorcycles, a hobby she inherited from her father. She says she is independent, determined, partner and very sincere, especially when she drinks.

Laryssa Bottino (@larybottino), 23, Rio de Janeiro – digital influencer, became known by participating in the reality show “De Férias Com O Ex Brasil 4” and also for being best friends with singer Anitta. The young woman loves the life of a public figure and dreams of being a TV presenter. He only dated once, at the age of 15, and then he didn’t get attached to anyone else. She wants to be treated like a princess and seeks a light courtship, with an ambitious companion, who studies, works, is good-natured, funny, careful and intelligent. Laryssa does not like men who like to appear, who are selfish or very “Zen”. In addition, she is a true and partner girl, but also sensitive. In addition, the carioca says she is very jealous, anxious and stubborn.

Luca Ferrari (@lucafreitasferrari), 26, Goiânia (GO) – graduated in business administration, the businessman owns a country clothing brand. A worker, he dedicates himself to the company and dreams of financial independence to enjoy life with his future family. The agroboy values ​​the simple things in life, but also loves to enjoy a good party. Luca has always been a lover and, in all, has had ten girlfriends. When in a relationship, it is usually romantic and full of surprises. It does not support futility, as it is quite humble.

Lucas Kendi (@ lucas.kendi), 27, São Paulo – photographer, also works as a consultant in the financial market, and if there is one thing that this guy doesn’t like, he is standing still. Lucas has worked with events, tourism, audiovisual production and even as a rappelling instructor. He has also lived and worked outside Brazil, having spent time in Australia and Japan. Currently, he lives with his parents and says he will only live alone when he has financial stability. He often ran away from relationships and only dated seriously three times, the last one being very troubled. The boy is looking for someone with the same values ​​as his, who respects others, the environment and who is in a good mood. He does not like arrogant or scandalous girls. Practicing physical activities has always been a passion, enjoys volleyball, football, rugby, handball, swimming, crossfit, weight training, surfing, cycling and longboarding.

Lucas Viana (@eulucasviana), 29, Ipatinga (MG) – born in the interior of Minas Gerais, studied engineering when his father died in a motorcycle accident. From that moment on, he decided to change his life and invested in his career as a model. Lucas has already participated in the reality show Are You The One and was the winner of A Fazenda 11. Altogether, he has had three serious relationships and is now looking for someone who does not bother with the harassment of his fans. The miner says he is generous, friendly, cheerful, but very proud and impulsive. His biggest dream is to build a family, so he is ready to join the Game of Clones.

Massengo Júnior (@massengojunior), 32, Luanda (Angola) – dance teacher, Angolan Massengo has been in Brazil for 24 years and currently lives in Rio de Janeiro. He arrived as a child and was abandoned by his father in a shelter. Some time later, he was found by a French talent scout and became a model. He has lived in France for three years and speaks French fluently. When he returned to Brazil, he rented a room at Morro da Mangueira. Currently, he is a model, dance teacher, actor and bartender. Massengo is the father of a girl and a boy and is looking for a partner and high spirits.

Thiago Luz (@thiagoluzoficiall), 27, Vila Velha (ES) – a very successful dentist, set up his office with a partner shortly after successfully graduating from the dentistry course. Thiago is also a musician and has played a little of everything: rock, pagode, backcountry, pop and rap. He enjoys the adrenaline he feels when he goes on stage. The dentist ended the last relationship because of jealousy and therefore makes it clear that he puts his career first. He is one of those guys who believes that reason is always above emotion and, when he dates, he likes his girl to be free and to go out with her friends.


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