Reason to switch Seth Rollins vs Mysterios to SmackDown


During the WWE Draft that took place this past week, we saw Seth Rollins, Murphy and the Mysterio family being transferred from Raw to Smackdown and so the rivalry will continue, this despite many having thought that the rivalry would end with Draft.

And journalist Dave Meltzer, in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, explained WWE’s decision to continue the rivalry between Seth Rollins and the Mysterio family at Smackdown.

According to the famous journalist and after talking to someone important in WWE, who explained that it was proposed to Smackdown to keep all the great storylines from WWE, because Raw is quite safe on the USA Network, as it is one of the most viewed programs on the channel and so his position is assured, even with slightly weaker audiences.

FOX, on the other hand, does not need Smackdown, as it is a very sports-oriented channel and television rights to sports have been increasing and Smackdown may be in trouble in the future. Dave Meltzer pointed out that if Smackdown maintains the audiences it has had recently, WWE will have no problem renewing its program contract with FOX, but that if they go down, it could be a problem.

And so that’s why according to Dave Meltzer the story of Seth Rollins against the Mysterio family and also the story of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns are happening on Smackdown and not on Raw, as WWE wants to ensure the continuity of the program brand blue no FOX channel.

Did you think this was the reason why the rivalry between Seth Rollins and Mysterio was transferred to Smackdown?


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