Record inspires BBB and Carioca painting turns into a fiasco


Record TV’s A Fazenda 12 reality show features a humorous painting by Márvio Lúcio, from Rio de Janeiro, called ‘SafaZenda’, which is inspired by the BBB painting by Rafael Portugal. However, Globo’s success does not seem to have the same effect on Record. See some criticisms from internet users.

A temporada do reality The Farm 12 Record TV, debuted with the humor frame of Márvio Lúcio, better known as From Rio. However, as soon as the broadcaster announced the comedian’s fixed participation, the public pointed it out as a copy of the success of the Rafael Portugal’s mood board, at the ‘BBB20‘, from Rede Globo.

The Farm 12: Carioca X Rafael Portugal

One of the novelties of the historic edition of BBB20 on Globo, was the humorous picture of Rafael Portugal, ‘CAT BBB’ (BBB Call Center). In other words, it is another SAC of Big Brother Brasil 20. In it, the actor and humorist of the painting, “got in touch” with the viewers of reality to meet the requests of the public in a humorous way. The success was so great that during the 13 CAT exhibitions, they were enough to guarantee more than 40 hours on Trending Topics (most commented subjects on Twitter).

On the other hand, in A Fazenda 12, the humorous picture of Márvio Lúcio, Carioca, has reverberated on social media not in a positive way. Early on, with the debut of In the painting ‘Sofazenda’, the humorist presented satires of the events carried out by the pedestrians. In the games and fun moments of the Record TV program, events that took place throughout the program were recalled, including the first parties at the headquarters. However, the painting is recorded in a room with Carioca imitating the confined.


Carioca humor generates revolt on social networks

However, in the fierce night of elimination of the dawn of this Friday (16), the traditional mood of Márvio Lúcio, the ‘SofaZenda’, was accused of racism in the social networks for having made ‘Blackface’, an offensive practice in the middle artistic. The idea of ​​the painting was to make fun of Luiza Ambiel, who had a troubled involvement in the past with the singer of Raça Negra, Luiz Carlos, who is black. But, the humor went too far, and the web of course, does not forgive. In the video of approximately one minute, it shows the comedian with a painted face and hands, a curly hair wig and included in the characterization to thicken the nose, all according to the scene, to look like vocalist Luiz Carlos.

However, with references to the pagode group, Carioca then began to sing the song ‘É Tarde Demais’, one of the band’s most successful hits. But, of course, the lyrics also had a sense of humor to make fun of Luiza, who cried at the headquarters of A Fazenda 12, after listening to Lidi Lisboa and Tays Reis sing the song. But, despite the attempted humor presented, the scene was not well regarded by the public on social networks. On the other hand, the practice showed an offensive origin in which black people were ridiculed, negatively, for the entertainment of whites in the 19th century, at a time when blacks were not even allowed to go up on stage to perform.

Internet users criticize Carioca blackface performance

On social media, netizens criticized the humor on the scene of Carioca shown in the reality A Fazenda 12. Many even commented suggesting that the painting could be used in another way, but that it would still be a way to make fun of Luiza Ambiel. The fact is, the name of Record and the comedian, were among the most talked about subjects on Twitter on Friday morning (16). However, the repercussion was not positive.

Internet users compare Carioca painting with ‘CAT BBB’ with Rafael Portugal


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