Record needs to be more transparent with respect to Raisa and the public


It’s not funny.

This Friday (16), once again, the model Raissa Barbosa had an episode of emotional lack of control. It was during a conversation with Luiza Ambiel. He got up suddenly, slammed the bedroom door, and started to scream. He crossed the house, went into the bathroom and kicked the door violently until he dropped part of its structure.

Days before, Raissa sprinted over three beds and faced Carol Narizinho, her friend, in a state of heavy tension. The expectation of an assault remained in the air.

When she was referred to the garden for the second time, she poured a tube of cream on top of Cartolouco and Biel. The first time she was sent to the fields, she threw water at the singer and violently punched a pillow to vent the anger she was feeling.

In this Friday’s discussion with Luiza, Raíssa informed: “I am medicated to control myself”. Luiza listened and asked: “What were you going to do?” Raissa explained: “I lose the line, you know. I don’t want to lose the line anymore, I want to be in control of my attitudes”.

Raíssa’s official profile said she suffers from borderline syndrome – a disorder that affects the model’s mood and behavior. Record refuses to talk about her health status under the “medical secrecy” argument. It does not confirm or deny what she has.

Based on what has already been shown, the viewer has the right to ask himself if a person with this condition, taking medication, can participate in a program that affects emotionally even those who do not have any disorder. If the answer is “yes”, it is up to Record to explain this to those who are watching.

Record is promoting an overexposure of a woman who needs help and collaborating so that heavy stereotypes, such as the “crazy woman”, continue to be reproduced.

The broadcaster needs to be more transparent. Tell how he is helping Raissa and even explain why he keeps her inside “Fazenda”.

It is not funny to see a person with a serious problem suffering in a house guarded 24h. This is not entertainment.


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