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In the last 24 hours, 6,638 new cases of infection have been registered in Germany.

New measures

This comes the day after Angela Merkel’s government and the leaders of the 16 states agreed to introduce stricter measures.

Now there is a requirement for face masks in all public places and nightclubs must close earlier.

In addition, the number of people who can gather in one place is being tightened.

In areas with 35 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the border will now be 25 people in a public place and 15 people privately, writes

In areas where the number of corona cases is more than 50 per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days, the limit is now set at ten people in public, and ten people from two households privately.

A number of German cities, including Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich, have had more than 50 infected per 100,000 inhabitants in recent days.

The previous record for new cases in one day is from March 28, when 6,294 cases were registered, according to statistics from the Robert Koch Institute.

Mouthpieces have already been mandated on public transport and in shops since April.

Increase in several places

In recent weeks, there has been a large increase in the number of infected in several places in Europe and many countries have now introduced new and much stricter measures. This comes after many countries this summer eased travel restrictions and the use of face masks.

Among other things, a curfew was introduced yesterday in France, where those who do not respect the rules risk a fine of 135 euros – just over 1400 kroner.

In the Czech Republic, they ban the sale of alcohol outside the home.

But the measures are not particularly popular. This summer, many people in Germany demonstrated against the many measures the government had introduced.


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