Red Bull wants to take over engine, but with frozen development


Red Bull deals with a problem for 2022 (Photo: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool)

Red Bull, still without an engine supplier beyond 2021, brought important information regarding plans for the future. Consultant Helmut Marko opened the game and said he preferred to take over Honda’s power units, turning the Taureans into an independent team. This, however, comes with one condition: that Formula 1 applies a freeze on the development of power units as early as 2022.

Marko’s explanation is that Red Bull is able to take over the power units developed by Honda until the end of 2021. Except that the inability to continue improving the parts on its own would create a huge disadvantage against Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault, which have such a problem.

“This is a very complex issue, as complex as the engines,” said Marko, interviewed by German TV Sport1. “If the talks with Honda are positive, we prefer to assume the rights and everything necessary to prepare the engines ourselves at Milton Keynes. However, this is only possible on condition that the engines are frozen later in the first race of 2022. We are not in a technical or financial position to follow the development. This is a prerequisite, ”he said.

Helmut Marko seeks solution for Honda’s exit (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)

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Marko did not elaborate on how long an engine freeze would be necessary for Red Bull to set up on its own. It is possible, however, that it is a medium-term proposal: F1 only intends to review the engine configuration in 2026, perhaps abandoning the current V6 Turbo.

A partnership with Mercedes, Ferrari or Renault has not yet been ruled out, but it is seen as unwanted. It is that Red Bull would no longer be the center of attention in the development of the engine.

“All engine suppliers have their own teams, which means that they develop the engine with their respective chassis in mind. We would have to adapt our chassis, being faced with a technical solution that we would not accept. That’s why we want Honda’s solution. Even so, we are exploring all possibilities. The FIA ​​regulation says that each engine supplier is committed to supplying other teams. If that is the possibility for us, we need it to serve our current situation and make us competitive. A happy and forced marriage is not a problem for us, ”he concluded.

Mercedes has already said it does not want to supply Red Bull with an engine. Renault did not close its doors, but such a solution would imply the resumption of a relationship that ended in a turbulent way in 2018.


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