Relevant investor disposes of 114,000 shares of OSX and now holds a 3.97% stake – Money Times


The shares of the company, which operates in the shipbuilding segment, operate in a “roller coaster” mode in October (Image: Reuters / José Manuel Ribeiro)

A OSX, which belongs to the entrepreneur Eike Batista, informs that shareholder Roberto Lombardi de Barros sold 114,100 actions common shares issued by the company, so that it now holds 3.97% interest in the share capital.

The roles of the company, which operates in the shipbuilding segment, operate in “roller coaster” mode in October.

In the trading session of the previous day, the shares fell more than 28%, closing the day at R $ 15. However, in this Tuesday’s session, the OSX securities took off about 153%, when they hit the price of R $ 21 per share .

In the gloom of such volatility, a legal battle takes place for the reformulation of the company’s board of directors, on the one hand Batista and controlling shareholders are fighting for the election of a group of executives in line with their ambitions.

After Justice Rio de Janeiro barred, last Friday (09), the call for the OSX shareholders’ meeting, that would follow up on Eike Batista’s plans to reshape the company’s board and turn things around, the businessman suffered another setback when he had the request for retraction of the cancellation decision dismissed by the Rio district on Tuesday (13).

In the opinion of Eike Batista, who was once the 7th richest man in the world according to Forbes magazine ranking, the reformulation of a new board will ensure more alignment between the management and the set of shareholders of OSX, towards the approval of a plan that will allow its survival in the long term.

OSX is currently facing a process of judicial recovery, with billionaire debt, and the canceled meeting will only be continued when the Court approves.

See the statement from OSX:


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