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Flávio Silvino played the character Paulo in ‘Laços de Família’.

Photo: Globo / Press Release / Estadão

Flávio Silvino, actor who became known for his role in the soap opera Vamp, launched cantor with the album For what? and had his career interrupted due to a car accident in 1993, can currently be seen in the rerun of Family relationships, no Worth seeing again.

Recently, in an interview with the newspaper Extra, his mother, Diva, revealed that he is retiring from his artistic career and spends most of his days listening to music and watching TV.

Recall more details about Flávio Silvino’s career and accident below.

The beginning of Flávio Silvino’s career

Flávio came from a family of artists. His grandfather, Silvino Neto, was a singer and composer known in the past, and his father, the comedian Paulo Silvino (remembered by the porter Severino, from “Cara, badge”), opposite names like Jô Soares and Chico Anysio.

As you might expect, he took a theater course in his youth and gained his first television experience while still young, recording the program Condominium Brazil, from SBT, which never aired. At the same time, he made a special participation in the Chacrinha Casino. Shortly thereafter, in 1991, his big chance on TV would come.

Flávio Silvino in Vamp

Flávio Silvino as Matosão in the scene of the soap opera 'Vamp'

Flávio Silvino as Matosão on the scene of the soap opera ‘Vamp’

Photo: Reproduction of ‘Vamp’ (1991) / Globo / Estadão

In Antonio Calmon’s novel starring Ney Latorraca and Claudia Ohana and shown between July 15, 1991 and February 8, 1992, Flávio Silvino brought the character to life Matosão.

Son of Matoso (Otávio Augusto) and brother of Matosinho (André Gonçalves). Truculent, his character was involved in several fights and was in love with Jade (Luciana Vendramini).

Like a heartthrob, Silvino’s success was instantaneous, as stated in the Estadão of November 4, 1993:

“The sudden recognition made Flávio a little scared. The rebuke of the vampire-rebel was so great that fans began to harass him in an unkind way: he suffered with hair pulling and bites on his lips.

But, from then on, his schedule was filled with requests for the presentation of debutante balls across the country “

Participations in programs such as the domingão Faustão it’s the Women, from Gazeta, as well as statements to magazines aimed at women.

By the character Matosão, in Vamp, Flávio Silvino received the “Revelation Masculine” award from the APCA São Paulo Association of Art Critics).

Flávio Silvino in God comes to us

Flávio Silvino’s second novel was God comes to us, which was on the air between August 31, 1992 and March 27, 1993, starring Dercy Gonçalves.

In the story, it was Hugo, a tourism student who worked as a guide, taking ‘gringos’ sailors to meet women in a nightclub. His character shared an apartment with Igor (Cláudio Fontana), Zelito (Luigi Baricelli) and Jazão (Edgar Amorim).

Flávio Silvino launches career as a singer

“Flávio Silvino is another actor who decided to earn as a singer. He has just released a CD for Sony”, was reported in Estadão on August 29, 1993.

After his debut on TV, and while studying music, the actor received an invitation from the president of the label Sony Music to audition. It was approved and signed a one and a half year contract, changing its look and launching For what?, album of romantic songs.

Cover and back cover of the album released by Flávio Silvino as a singer

Cover and back cover of the album released by Flávio Silvino as a singer

Photo: Reproduction of album cover by Flávio Silvino / Estadão

The song that gave the album its name, composed by Claudio Fernando and Arnaldo Saccomani (died last August) was sung on several TV programs and was featured on the shows on his agenda.

Returning to work as an actor was not one of his priorities at the time: “I really like doing TV, but now I only think about music”.

On YouTube, you can find records of participation by Flávio Silvino singing at attractions such as Sertanejo Saturday, by Gugu Liberato, and the program by Hebe Camargo, on SBT.

How was Flávio Silvino’s accident

In November 2, 1993, to 22 years old, Flávio Silvino returned from his trip after the holiday of All Souls’ Day. In his car, a Voyage, was also his brother, João Paulo, 11 years old. They were coming on the BR-124, heading towards Rio Bonito.

At about 3 pm, at km 24, a van was overtaken by a bus, lost direction and fell on Flávio’s car and a motorcycle that was nearby.

Wanderson Machado Fernandes, the motorcycle driver, died on the spot. João Paulo had minor injuries and Silvino suffered head trauma, bruised chest and fractured arm.

In a very serious condition, he was taken to the ICU of Clínica Santa Helena, in Cabo Frio. He spent 16 days in a deep coma, and subsequently was in a condition called “coma vigil”, with his eyes open, but “oblivious to everything”.

Weeks later, on November 29, he was transferred to Clínica São Vicente, in the Gávea region, in the state capital.

Only on February 13, 1994 did Flávio ‘return’. He heard a joke from his father, Paulo Silvino. “He laughed a lot and, the next morning, when he heard his mother’s voice on the phone, he cried”, reminded the comedian to Estadão, on July 3 of that year.

The young man was undergoing intense treatment and, according to his father, financed by Globo. Physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapy, a neurologist and a psychologist were at your disposal. According to them, family support was vital for recovery.

“When the doctor said that, in these cases, one patient in ten escaped, I said: ‘it will be my son’. And it was. He will be fine,” said Paulo Silvino, who highlighted hundreds of letters received since the accident: “He managed to bring people of all religions together.”

Neurosurgeon Luiz Carlos Pereira da Silva, who operated on Flávio, explained that “Flávio’s luck was that he went to an emergency hospital”, and highlighted the fact that the singer was “young, healthy and without addictions” as “fundamental”.

Family relationships – Flávio Silvino’s return as an actor

About seven years after his accident, Flávio Silvino received an invitation to act in the soap opera Family relationships, by Manoel Carlos, starring Vera Fischer, Reynaldo Gianecchini and Carolina Dieckmann and aired between June 5, 2000 and February 2, 2001.

In the plot, it was Paulo, son of Miguel (Tony Ramos) and brother of Ciça (Júlia Feldens). His character, like himself, had been in a serious car accident, and needed to undergo treatment because of neurological sequelae.

“Miguel does not protect Paulo, just as there is no protection with Flávio. He himself said that he was not a poor fellow and did not want to be treated as such. It is beautiful to see his donation for the soap opera”, praised his scene, Tony Ramos.

How is Flávio Silvino today

Currently, it is possible to watch Flávio Silvino’s performances in the reruns of Family relationships, no Worth seeing again. After the soap opera, the actor and singer made few TV appearances. One occurred in the Child Hope, on August 11, 2001.

Beside Paulo, he entered the stage with the aid of a cane and walked with some difficulty. “It is an indescribable sastisfaction to be participating with my son – alive! – of this Child Hope“, the father was moved.

In one of his most recent public appearances, Flávio Silvino appeared gray-haired and using a wheelchair, at his father’s funeral. Paulo Silvino died in August 2017, after stomach cancer, receiving several tributes from friends and colleagues.

In a statement to the newspaper Extra, his mother, Diva, said that Flávio is retired and usually spends time listening to music and watching television, especially news programs. She points out that she prefers that her son does not give interviews.

“It was a long job to convince him to accept the idea of ​​retirement. I want to let Flávio live his life without thinking about TV,” he told the publication on October 27, 2020.

The rest of the family also followed the artistic steps. Isabela Silvino, daughter of Paulo, launched as a singer in 2019, at the age of 30.

João Paulo, Flávio Silvino’s other brother, made his debut as an actor on TV in the soap opera Paths of the Heart, as one of Record’s ‘mutants’.

“Sometimes I see my brother right there, on TV, at the height of his career, and I really feel sad. Certain destinations are hard to understand and accept. This is one that we still question today. Certainly he was going to grow up even more. Flávio was very ambitious, in the good sense of the word. And he went after it, “wrote Isabela Silvino on Twitter in September.

She often makes posts in which she quotes her brother, Flávio, on social media. Check out some below.

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