Renata runs away not to be arrested


The next chapters of When I fall in love, Branca’s evils will begin to have far worse consequences than the huge financial crisis that the company Monterrubio is going through.

Honorio will be arrested on account of the fraud that is failing the company. The police will not only go after this Monterrubio representative, but also Renata. Honório and Gonçalo will talk about what happened in the prison and Gonçalo will do anything to avoid the arrest of his daughter.

The problem is that Gonçalo will ask Augusto for help to hide Renata. He will not say anything to Jerônimo, even though I see him looking for Renata, because the daughter has already signed the divorce and said that she does not want to see him for everything he has done with her due to his revenge;

Renata will hide in Augusto’s farm and days later, Jerônimo will discover that she is there, getting very angry and imagining the worst of his ex-wife. When that happens, Jerônimo will have already received the divorce papers, a fact that will make him upset, because he was litigating to win her back.

Who will do well during this period in which he is hiding Renata is Augusto, who will make him a proposal. Meanwhile, Branca will visit Honório in prison and will have the courage to propose that if he chooses to stay with her and not with his wife, he will leave prison, since the accusations were made by her using a false name.

Honório will refuse to re-engage with the former employee and she will leave, certain that he is in her hands. Renata, on the other hand, starts to be sought by the police, who go to Monterrubio to look for her, but thanks to Gonçalo’s quick action telling her to hide in Augusto’s house, she is not arrested.

A mexican novel When Me Apaixono is shown from Monday to Friday, starting at 6:30 pm, Brasília time, right after What Life Stole Me.


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