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The Police Station for the Suppression of Crimes against Immaterial Property (DRCPIM) announced that it had seized, in a studio in the South Zone of Rio, the document that mentions alleged works never released by the vocalist of the Legião Urbana. Understand, below, the main points of the case:

Renato Russo at a Legião Urbana concert in 1994 – Photo: Milton Michida / Agência Estado

  • Operation Civil, from Rio’s Civil Police, started about a year ago, after a complaint made by Renato’s son, Giuliano Manfredini;
  • In this Monday’s search, the police claim to have found the document that cites 30 songs never officially released. Among them, according to agents, are versions of songs from Legião Urbana and some that may be unpublished;
  • One of the targets of the investigation is the lawyer, writer and researcher Marcelo Fróes, creator of posthumous albums by Renato;
  • Fróes denies having misappropriated the singer’s works. According to him, there are no songs ever released by Renato, but unpublished recordings of songs already released;
  • Carlos Trilha, producer of Renato’s solo albums, commented on the case, also stating that there are no unpublished songs. According to him, the works mentioned in the report can be remixes and lyrics never used, that would be being musicized by other artists.

Marcelo Fróes, who worked on Renato’s posthumous projects between 2003 and 2010, says he delivered to the singer’s family, in 2002, a report with the survey of musical materials found in a record company and in personal collections.

To G1, he says that there is no mention in this document of songs by Renato or the band that are still unknown to the public. “Especially because, if they existed, they would have been launched in the past.”

“It is essential that people understand the difference between unpublished music, totally new music, that no one has ever heard, and unpublished recording, which is already known music, recorded in a different way”, he explains.

“If we talk about recordings of songs already known, I can say that there are many more than 30 new ones. There is a lot of material stored, which also has a very high historical value.”

Fróes says that since the posthumous album “Duetos”, in 2010, he has not worked on other projects related to the work of Legião or its vocalist. For him, the police operation that seeks unpublished songs by the singer is “the result of a communication failure”.

Producer Carlos Trilha, who worked with Renato while still alive, on his solo albums, does not believe in the existence of new material, which could give rise to a new posthumous project by the artist.

According to him, the audios cited in the report found by the police may be remixes or pieces of recordings, which did not enter the final versions of songs already released.

Trilha adds that there may be excerpts of unused lyrics, neither completed by the singer. But, a critic of the albums created after Renato’s death, he believes that if he were still alive, the leader of the Legion would disapprove of the release of these works.

“I remember, on one occasion, Marcelo telling me that it would be cool to give these lyrics to established artists to finish. I don’t think it’s cool. Some of these artists, Renato didn’t even like.”

Named after one of the artist’s compositions, the operation of the Civil Police of Rio was motivated by a record of occurrence made by Giuliano Manfredini, son of Renato and the copyright holder of part of his work.

Delegate explains case involving music by Renato Russo

According to investigators, the studio where the report was found provided services to a record company.

“Compliance with the search and seizure warrant was highly productive and we obtained robust evidence, which will soon help to clarify the whole truth about what was happening. It has at least 30 songs in unpublished versions ”, said the delegate Mauricio Demétrio, holder of DRCPIM.

“A service was done, at the request of a record company, and there are mentions of songs and versions of new songs. And we have to confront the copyright owner, who is Renato Russo’s son, to see if he was aware of this material that is in a record company’s vault, ”added the delegate.

A representative of Manfredini was sought, but did not return contact from G1.


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