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Senator Ted Cruz (pictured) believes that Twitter is abusing its power when the company prevents users from sharing an article that contains corruption allegations against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Foto: Bill O’Leary / The Washington Post via AP / NTB

The Senate Republican-controlled Justice Committee will sue Twitter chief after users were barred from sharing an article about Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz believes Twitter is abusing its power to suppress the press and cover up allegations of corruption, and that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will therefore have to answer for himself in the committee.

On Wednesday, Twitter prevented the spread of a controversial article from the New York Post because the company believed it could be linked to a disinformation campaign a few weeks before the US presidential election.

The article was based on emails from the PC of Biden’s son Hunter, which Rudy Giuliani is said to have had access to. Giuliani is Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, and it is not known how he obtained the emails.

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Giuliani has previously spread allegations that Biden during his time as vice president pressured Ukraine to fire the country’s attorney general, and that he did so for his own gain.

The theory is that it was related to the fact that the son was a board member of a corruption accused, Ukrainian energy company. There is no documentation for the allegations, and Biden rejects them.

Twitter stated on Thursday night that the company will no longer block information that has emerged from hacking, unless it is published by the hacker himself.

The New York Post is a conservative newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch’s media group News Corporation. The company also owns Fox News, which is considered Trump’s favorite channel.

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