Resident Evil Village producers share some new details on Famitsu


More details about the gameplay, plot and enemies of Resident Evil Village were shared in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu.

Alex Aniel translated the main conclusions of the game producers in his Twitter, Tsuyoshi Kanda e Peter Fabiano.

Famitsu confirms that Chris Redfield is responsible for bringing Ethan Winters to the game village. Apparently, a cult-like sect of villagers is part of the game and uses “dangerous creatures” to protect them.

There is what appears to be a trader in an overcoat – which resembles that of RE4 – who will sell items to Ethan on his journey through the scary scenario. Ethan’s life ‘will depend on this character’, in some way.

The dangerous werewolf-like creatures seen in the most recent trailer do not communicate with a common language, but apparently have a kind of “pack mentality” and can wield weapons.

Resident Evil Village will be released in 2021 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.


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