retail sales fell 7.9% in September


Cielo (CIEL3) announced on Friday (16) that sales in the retail sector fell by 7.9% in September, but represent the fifth consecutive month of recovery.

The data is also the best since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to Cielo, the information discount inflation and are compared to the same month of 2019.

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In nominal terms, which reflect the sales revenue observed by the retailer, the drop in the Cielo do Varejo Expanded Index (ICVA) was 3.5%

Despite the decrease in comparison with September last year, this is the fifth consecutive month of increase in comparison with the previous month. The numbers show that, after the fall in the beginning of the pandemic, the numbers started to improve. In April, the reduction in sales determined by ICVA was 36.5%. In May it went to -30.5%; in June it was -24.1%; in July, -19.9%; and in August, -15.1%.

Regarding retail inflation, based on the IPCA, the increase was 0.69% in September.

In the last 12 months, inflation was 3.14%. According to IBGE data, the Food and Beverage group pushed for the index to accelerate.


All macrosectors showed acceleration in sales in the month. Durable and Semi-Durable Goods, with highlights in the Optics and Jewelry and Clothing sectors, and Non-Durable Goods, with emphasis on Specialized Food Retail, even registered nominal growth.

The exception was the Services block, although it had the greatest acceleration, with emphasis on the sectors of Automotive Services and Auto Parts and Tourism and Transport

“September showed a strong acceleration in Retail. This recovery is seen in all sectors, although some of them, especially those related to Services, are still below 2019, ”says Gabriel Mariotto, Cielo’s executive intelligence superintendent.

“If we did not take into account the Services sectors such as Tourism, Food, among others, the nominal ICVA would be above zero in September”, he added.

Southeast is negative highlight again

All regions showed a drop in sales compared to September 2019. According to the deflated ICVA with calendar adjustment, the Southeast Region presented the biggest retraction in September 2020: -8.5%. Following are the Northeast (-7.9%), Midwest (-5.3%), South (-4.7%) and North (-1.1%) regions.

The highlight in the nominal ICVA – which does not consider the inflation discount – with calendar adjustments, three regions showed positive variation in the month, with emphasis on the North region, with growth of 6.4%. Then appear: South (0.5%) and Midwest (0.4%).

The Northeast (-2.3%) and Southeast (-5.2%) regions, however, still fell in the period.

Sales fell 15.4% in the third quarter

Retail sales, discounting inflation, fell 15.4% in the third quarter compared to the same period in 2019.

The nominal ICVA decreased 12.0%. According to Cielo, performances were impacted by the effects of COVID-19 in July, August and September. Despite the drop, it was possible to see a recovery in sales compared to the second quarter.


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