Retirement can now be requested by application; see how


Those who intend to request retirement from the INSS (National Institute of Social Security) can already get the benefit without having to go to an agency. The request can be made through the My INSS website or application.

The new modality is for retirements by age and length of contribution, which are those that do not require face-to-face assistance.

Before claiming the benefit, the insured must verify his / her data in the Cnis (government database). If there is an error, there will be difficulties when granting or calculating the benefit.

The insured person can consult the social security statement through Meu INSS, in “Contribution Statement (CNIS)”. If any error was found in the information, it is possible to rectify it by My INSS, however, first you must contact us at number 135.

Access to Cnis data correction is not allowed by the INSS. The institute informs that the update is only carried out when a benefit is requested. When the need for additional documentation arises, the institute complies with requirements. Documents can be sent by My INSS or by the agency itself.

How to deliver the documentation

The interested party needs to make an appointment through the phone number 135 or through My INSS to ensure the delivery of documentation. It is necessary to have the benefit protocol number, name and CPF number of the person who will deposit the envelope in the ballot box.

After scheduling the service, the person will be instructed to observe the following procedures for the delivery of the documentation:

  • Fill in the form “Self Declaration of Authenticity and Veracity of Information”;
  • Include the documents requested by the INSS and the form “Self-declaration of authenticity and Veracity of Information” in the envelope;
  • The envelope must be sealed and identified on the outside with full name, CPF, address, telephone, e-mail and number of the scheduling protocol.

The urn is available from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 1 pm.

It is worth noting that the use of the Express Demand service does not apply to requests for early sickness benefit. In this case, documents can only be attached by My INSS.

“It should be noted that original documents are not accepted and that copies do not need to be authenticated by a notary. It is essential, however, that they are legible and without erasures ”, informs the INSS.


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