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This Friday morning, Honda announced its departure from Formula 1 after the 2021 season, taking many people by surprise:

Red Bull, the main team that uses the manufacturer’s engines. thanked for “exceptional efforts as energy suppliers” and said he hoped “to have continued success for the remainder of 2020 and 2021.”

Franz Tost, head of AlphaTauri, thanked for “fruitful cooperation.”

Of course, Formula 1 would recall the best moments of Honda’s partnerships with both teams:

But what does Honda’s departure mean for Max Verstappen’s career? That was the question raised by Tom Bellingham. Will the Dutchman remain in the team?

Verstappen stopped following Honda and Red Bull on twitter… And Mercedes went to check if everything was fine with Hamilton and Bottas! Everything normal in the German team!

The crowd decided to remember the tense atmosphere that was between Christian Horner and Cyril Abiteboul after switching from Renault to Honda engines.

Has the Red Bull boss already sent that “Hi, gone”?

We already have exclusive scenes of how Red Bull will return to Renault in 2022:

But do you remember who became famous for their complaints about the Honda engine? Fernando Alonso. Now do the math: Alonso returns to Formula 1 in 2021, meanwhile, the Japanese manufacturer leaves… Coincidence? I think not!

With so much going on in 2020, can you imagine how the writers for the Netflix “Dirigir Para Viver” series should be?

But the most important question is: Does Honda deserve forgiveness?

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