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In May this year, it became known that John Carew (41) had found happiness with the 16-year-younger influencer Pernille Juvodden (24), and at the beginning of this month, the couple was able to reveal that they are expecting their first child together.

Until now, it has not been known whether the two turtle doves are expecting a little boy or a girl, but on Sunday this will be revealed on social media.

– Baby on the way

The duo has had a so-called gender reveal, where the gender is revealed, and out of a large black balloon flies the pink confetti, which means that the couple is expecting a little girl together. Juvodden has also confirmed this himself.

“It’s a girl,” she wrote in a video on Instagram.

In an interview with ELLE, Juvodden recently revealed that the term is next year.

– We think it’s great to have a little one on the way, and it’s starting to get even more real with each passing day. My stomach is getting bigger and we are enjoying ourselves a lot, apart from the fact that I do not feel completely in top shape during the day, she told the magazine.


When it became known that the two had found happiness earlier this year, there had long been rumors that the duo were a couple, but they did not want to comment on the relationship themselves.

Rumors that Carew had fallen for Juvodden started in earnest in March, when she shared a photo of her holding hands with an “unknown” man on Instagram.

About a week later, Juvodden shared another photo, but this time of two shadows who seemed to kiss each other. Later, several pictures appeared, including one showing two people holding hands.

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It was in an interview with Melk & Honning Juvodden confirmed that she had gotten a boyfriend, but at that time she said nothing about who the chosen one was.

The confirmation came when the 24-year-old was asked in the interview what plans she had for the national day.

– My plan for May 17 this year will be to start the day with a delicious breakfast with my boyfriend’s family, before we later plan to take a trip to the city to see some people, she said at the time.

It would still take a few months before it became clear that the chosen one was in fact John Carew – and now they will become parents to a girl together.

Carew also has a son, Tyrese, from a previous relationship.

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