Review: “Star Wars” – NRK – We review “Star Wars” song by song


TV: There are only three broadcasts left of this “Star Wars” season. Before deciding which three singers will advance to the semifinals, the participants will try their hand at the categories list pop and stadium rock.

We review tonight’s broadcast song by song. Watch!

List Pop (Hits of the Year):

Vegard: «Don´t Start Now» – Dua Lipa

Is there anyone who can take on the role of flamboyant pop star, it’s Vegard. At least he has charisma and energy in buckets. Vocally, however, it feels somewhat flat. There is a lack of pondus in the verses and bridges – I think the choice of song limits what he is shown by his singing skills. But as a whole, it is perfectly OK delivered from the great talent from the North. If Vegard goes on tonight, he must be smarter with his song choices.

We review

Sandra: «What´s Love Got To Do With it» – Kygo, Tina Turner

It’s not just, just having to fill the shoes of one of the most characterful pop singers of all time. To succeed, you must either sing so that the roof lightens or be able to add something completely your own to the song. Sandra is not completely comfortable when she sings in the lower registers – something that goes beyond the groove and the profits. It is something completely different when she is given the opportunity to pull on at the opposite end of the register. In other words, it does not sit at the very beginning, but it lifts correspondingly above the middle. When she gets to use the support and the lungs, Sandra is raw.

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