Review: “Star Wars” – NRK – We review “Star Wars” song by song


TV: The stage is set for a large-scale semi-final in “Star Wars”. Who grabs the two final places? Knut Marius, Ingeborg and Sandra make up tonight’s semi-final heat.
We review the artists’ performances song by song. Watch!


Knut Marius: «Disco Inferno» – The Trammps

Then it will be decided – the final pair next Saturday will be selected. There has been no shortage of praise in Knut Marius’ case this season, and that he is an obvious favorite is no secret. But – he has two tough competitors to contend with. In other words, nothing is decided until the votes have been counted.

Knut Marius tackles disco too, of course. This is a song that for his pipes does not offer the great challenges. And typically when there is too little technical resistance, Knut Marius is easy to take off. There will be a lot of pathos and flexion of the vocal cords. But fun and entertaining, and it looks like the main character himself is brilliantly happy with the theme.

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Ingeborg: «I’m So Excited» – The Pointer Sisters

Ingeborg’s great strength is that she always knows how to balance energy. She is never too much or too little – tasteful and in place, you could say. Ingeborg dances and smiles, while she delivers vocal performances from the top shelf. The song seems simple, but there are many pieces that must fall into place here for the song to fly. And it does. Does it smell like a final ticket?

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Sandra: «Hot Stuff» – Donna Summer

Sandra has reportedly had problems with a voice that disappeared this week. It is not immediately noticeable, although she struggles to hit the notes initially, a problem that also shows up throughout the song. Which is not a normal diet for Sandra. Maybe it’s the choreography that steals too much of the focus? The high note at the end sits like a shot, but the vocal brilliance comes a little too late this time. But what a journey it has been for Sandra and there is no doubt that she has shown singing performances here that have blown unsuspecting spectators to the ground.


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Knut Marius and Eli Kristin Hanssveen: “Barcelona” – Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caball

If it is to be a duet, then it must be. In the classic Knut Marius spirit, he chooses the least subtle songs. Here it is more or less allowed to give full throttle from start to finish and that opportunity of course does not give a finalist Knut Marius without a fight. Nothing is saved here, and for once it is perfectly OK not to fasten your seat belts. For a singing performance – of the two, one must almost be allowed to point out. Not many singers can bring home a technical venture of this format with a wide smile on their face. Congratulations.

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