Reynaldo Gianecchini confesses surprise when reviewing ‘Family Ties’ and assesses Edu’s behavior | soap operas


In an interview with Gshow, Reynaldo Gianecchini assesses his character’s behavior and confesses that he is reviewing the situation differently.

“I have heard comments, of how Edu is guilty of letting the relationship with Camila happen, and I agree. In fact, I am also surprised to see how he was falling in love with her, she with him, and them letting go. He has total strength in that part “, said the actor.

In the novel, Camila and Edu fall in love and from there a new family configuration will be established. Despite criticism for the character of Carolina Dieckmann – many internet users say that she betrays her own mother – Giane celebrates treating the subject from new angles.

“I think it’s really cool nowadays to argue that the ‘blame’ is not on the girls, as everyone blamed Camila. It was a game played by two, right? But I think it was an enchantment that was bigger than anything. I don’t have that judgment like that, even though it looks terrible what they did. ”

Keep following the emotions of Family relationships no Worth seeing again.


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