Ricardo Drubscky leaves Cruzeiro’s football direction | cruise


– Get out (from Cruzeiro). I will also release an official note about. I will give my allegations still officially – said the professional in contact with the report.

Ricardo Drubscky, football director of Cruzeiro – Photo: Gustavo Aleixo / Cruzeiro

According to the give, Drubscky had been uncomfortable with little space in Cruzeiro’s football direction. He believed he was “underutilized” in the Minas Gerais club in the performance of football. The mining club has not yet officially commented.

The then football director of Cruzeiro had already been carrying the desire to leave the club for a few days and had decided to look for the club president, Sérgio Santos Rodrigues. However, the leader anticipated and communicated the departure to Drubscky. Coach Ney Franco, a person close to the then director, did not participate in the decision.

That Wednesday, before the match against Ponte Preta, the give came to determine Drubscky’s departure, but the situation was denied by representatives of the mining club. A day later, it came to fruition.

Ricardo had been at the club since the beginning of the year. He arrived initially to assume the basic categories of the mining club. Then, with the arrival of Enderson Moreira, he took flight for the professional. With the arrival of Deivid and the relocation of André Argolo, he began to share the tasks of the club’s football.

Five Stars Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Disclosure


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