Richarlison apologizes for violent move with Thiago Alcntara and expelled in classic


The striker Richarlison has already manifested itself in relation expelled at stake Everton against Liverpool this Saturday for the Championship Ingls. The Seleo Brasileira player received the red card at the end of the match when hitting Thiago Alcntara.

On social media, Richarlison issued a statement and made it clear that he has already sought out the opponent for a retraction. Furthermore, he justified that “never was one player violent“and classified the bid as” an act of excess of dedicated“.

Read Richarlison’s statement:

Everyone who knows my history knows that I was never a violent player.

What happened today was a fatality due to sheer excess of dedication. I did not enter that dispute with the intention of hurting Thiago. When I saw that the crash was going to happen, I picked up the ball and hit the knee with the pass, which ended up being inevitable due to the speed of the play.

I already sent a message to him apologizing and I also do it here publicly. I hope he didn’t get hurt and that everything is fine.

I also apologize to my teammates, my club and my fans for leaving them with one less at the end of the game. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to change what happened, other than to reflect, work and move on.


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