Rio Preto registers 3 more deaths by Covid


The Secretariat of Health of Rio Preto confirmed on Friday, 30, another 220 positive cases of coronavirus, totaling 26,379 in the municipality. Three more deaths were also recorded in 24 hours, adding up to 706. The mortality rate is 2.6%.

The moving average reported by Health (number of confirmed cases or deaths reported by Health in the last seven days, divided by seven) of cases was 122.2 per day this Friday. The death toll stood at 3.49, which represents an increase.

Among the cases confirmed on Friday, 202 were by PCR, the swab test, showing that the infection of these patients is in the acute phase. Another 18 of them were detected by serological test, the rapid one, made with the person’s blood. The positive result indicates that several days have passed since the infection and the patient may be close to recovery, as this test looks for the antibody, a protein produced by the body to fight the virus, and it takes a few days for it to be detected.

A second wave of Covid-19 is making victims in Europe, in countries like Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. The Health Secretary, Aldenis Borim, does not believe that in Rio Preto it should occur, although this is not a completely ruled out possibility. One reason for this optimism is that the economic openings were made gradually, and not all at once. “I think we control it. To really reach us, only if there is a genetic mutation”, he considers.

However, he does not rule out the possibility that the cases will increase again, which would reflect the number of hospitalizations and deaths. The doctor is concerned about the holiday season. “Everyone embracing, I believe in an increase in cases. It depends on the agglomerations.”

During the lives, the importance of maintaining preventive measures such as hand hygiene (with water and soap or gel alcohol) has been reinforced, the use of a mask, social distance and leaving the house only when necessary.


Six cities in the region confirmed deaths from coronavirus. In Votuporanga, a 45-year-old man, with no comorbidities, was the 107th victim of the disease.

Bebedouro and Monte AprazĂ­vel registered three more deaths, reaching 45 and 18, respectively. Nova Granada had the 18th confirmation in an 89-year-old, with comorbidities. SeverĂ­nia registered the 21st death and Tanabi, the 31st.

(Collaborated with Ingrid Bicker)


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