Rita Ferro Rodrigues and Ben appear in “love scene” … until they have a fun break!


The presenter Rita Ferro Rodrigues lived a romantic weekend with the family.

This Friday, the 16th, was very special, for Rita Ferro Rodrigues: a presenter completed 44 years of life.

As a form of celebration, Rita Ferro Rodrigues’ weekend was spent with the family, alongside her husband, Ruben Vieira – best known for Ben – and their son, Eduardo, nine years old. The chosen destination was the Douro region.

On Instagram, the communicator has shared several special moments from these days of rest and celebration. In one of these records, one can see Rita Ferro Rodrigues and Ruben Vieira packed to the sound of the theme “Happened”, interpreted by Ana Moura.

“Son interrupting the love scene. Topem,” wrote the presenter, in the video caption, in which the child is heard calling for his mother.

Now, see the video shared by Rita Ferro Rodrigues.


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