Robinho and his “private” God against “people used by the devil” – 10/17/2020


There is no other case as commented on as Robinho’s at the moment. I remember watching the writer Ariano Suassuna, in a memorable lecture in NiterĂ³i, about ten years ago, citing Robinho as an example of Brazilian joy and genius. The world plays tricks.

The disclosure of audios, the result of investigating the case of collective rape for which Robinho was convicted, is not just a frustration, it has become something bigger and worse, with the way the audios reveal that the player trivialized the episode.

But my article is not about these audios specifically. The article is about how, in a short audio in which he seeks to demonstrate tranquility and security, Robinho uses the name of God at least six times. It seems to give an air of normality while showing that it is guided by “Christian values”.

Using a Christian language, strongly evangelical, Robinho illustrates in a sadly exemplary way, how God can mean nothing but a resource to demonize opponents, counter criticism and demonstrate superiority.

“These guys are not going to affect me, because God is in control of everything,” says Robinho. What makes Robinho think of himself as “inapplicable”? What does he refer to as “everything” that would be under God’s control, in the face of the dehumanizing abuse in which he participated without control, with his friends?

“These guys over there are people used by the devil.” Yes, demonizing criticism, or whoever disputes their practices, is also usually common. If people who criticize Robinho for his vexing and mocking speech about the case were used by the devil, who used Robinho and his friends in an episode in which a woman is abused collectively?

“Because in the desert, it is in these attacks that you approach God, that you prepare yourself”. The persecution narrative is to project yourself as a victim of hostility, envy or plot. It is not for nothing that his example reference is Jair Bolsonaro.

The paradigm of overcoming and “preparing” by God makes sense for Robinho to be someone who attacks journalists almost daily, makes a prejudiced and sexist joke on video with a 10 year old child, and tells a woman that she deserved to be raped because she was very ugly.

I can’t help thinking how interesting it is that people who boast language designed to boast “respect for morals” and “respect for Christian principles” identify with the president and his “fight” against the persecution that comes from leftists, journalists, Rede Globo or, “people used by the devil”.

The audios show a Robinho without any embarrassment, without regret, without remorse. Nothing to indicate any disturbance for having been part of a collective rape situation. The player is comfortable in the certainty that there is no way to prove his direct participation. And only.

“God will give victory. May God’s purpose be fulfilled in my life,” said Robinho. Definitely, it is not possible to find this ease of using the name of God normal while respecting the life of another person is trivialized, compacting and making fun of the abuse of his vulnerable condition.


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