Robinho criticizes feminist movement and generates reactions on the internet: ‘It just shows how important it is to pressure’


In an interview with ‘Uol Esportes’ released this Saturday, Robinho affirms in a certain excerpt that ‘unfortunately there is a feminist movement’ and affirms that ‘many women are sometimes not even women, to speak clear Portuguese’. The passage echoed on the internet.

Supporters of the feminist movement pointed out that Robinho’s criticism of feminism is due to pressure on the internet so that the player does not play for Santos. The athlete was sentenced in first instance in Italy with nine years in prison for sexual violence against a woman in 2013. Robinho denies the charges.

– A convict of rape, ~ criticizing ~ feminism is an endorsement of the movement. It just shows how important it is to raise your voice and press.
If it’s boring for you, Robinho, it’s because we are on the right path – said journalist Joana Treptown, on twitter.

– I don’t understand your revolt. Of course, guys like Robinho lament the existence of the feminist movement. And I see no better sign that feminism is on the right track than the annoyance of guys like him. Let’s go! – said another internet user.

Robinho was first convicted of sexual violence in Italy. The attacker’s appeal will begin to be heard at a second instance in December.


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