Robinho hangs himself, Casagrande attacks and Caio Ribeiro passes the cloth – 10/17/2020


In an exclusive interview with UOL’s reporters Eder Traskini and Talyta Vespa, Robinho ran away from all questions and hanged himself by failing to give a credible version of the crime of sexual violence against a young woman he responds to in Italy, in which three years ago he was already convicted in the first instance and is now awaiting judgment on appeal.

Surrounded by Santos’ lawyers, advisers and directors, who gave up their hiring after the reaction of sponsors, the player looked like a frightened boy, falling into contradictions because he had no way to defend himself, given the evidence presented in the process and revealed by Globo Esporte on Friday.

Robinho admitted intimate contact with the victim, “but without penetration”, and admitted only one error: “My crime was to betray my wife”.

Given the strong negative repercussions of the female fans on social networks and the threat of losing R $ 20 million in sponsorships, Santos was forced to give up bringing Robinho back to the team for the fourth time.

In an audio sent to friends by WhatsApp, the player compared himself to Bolsonaro and attacked Rede Globo, which saw two of its main commentators, former players, take antagonistic positions in the case, reflecting the war unleashed on social networks.

Casagrande took the lead and fired at Robinho’s signing:

“This negotiation shouldn’t even have started. It was good to show that football is part of society, it is not a separate universe. You have to stop accepting slutty as a normal thing. I am very sorry to have pressure from sponsors for Santos to terminate. the contract. I’m not going to defend Robinho in any way, right now he’s a convict in the Italian court.

On the other side of the field, Caio Ribeiro came out in defense of the player, as he always does in his anodyne comments, claiming that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.

“We don’t have all the information, so let’s wait. Whoever has to judge is the Justice to decree whether he is innocent or guilty. This is the first thing and my way of analyzing the facts. I think it is a very delicate matter and I am very upset because I know Robinho. I still support his acquittal. The Robinho I know, who has three children and is married, I never imagined he would do that “.

If Caio doesn’t know, the Italian justice has already given the sentence, condemning Robinho to nine years in prison and, in December, will judge the appeal of the athlete’s defense in a higher court.

The divergent positions of Casagrande and Caio Ribeiro reflect the division that exists in Brazilian society around an omnipresent character, President Jair Bolsonaro, who has now invaded even football.

“Did you see what they did to Bolsonaro before the election? The attack they made on the guy? Saying that Bolsonaro was this and that? We know how TV Globo is a demon broadcaster. I’ll put a shirt on when I score:` Rubbish globe, Bolsonaro is right´ “, vented the player in the message to his friends.

In the conversation with UOL reporters, however, he was much more gentle to say only that he was innocent.

Those who are innocent do not need riot troops to give an interview.

I have Casagrande. No more wiping the head of the ball, “who think they are gods, thinking they can do anything and nothing happens”.

Life goes on.


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