Robinho questions accusations and claims that story is “out of context”


After you have the contract with Santos suspended, on Friday night, Robinho questioned the accusations made about him in the process in which he is convicted in the first instance for sexual violence.

In an interview with Fox Sports channels, the player claimed that the information published in the press is “misrepresented”. In addition, he said he did not perform any act without the consent of the woman involved in the process.

“The press put misrepresented things about me. But nobody said that the girl asked for R $ 3 million in the process. Nobody said that, “said Robinho.

“It’s very difficult for her to be drunk to not have the act, but to remember everyone. So, these stories are kind of out of context. I never gave this girl a glass of drink, I failed to respect or did anything without consent. That you can be sure of ”, he concluded.

The decision to break the contract came after the release of transcripts of Robinho’s conversations admitting indirect participation in an act of sexual violence against an Albanian woman in 2013 in Italy.

In addition to the fans, Peixe was charged by several of his sponsors about the end of Robinho’s contract throughout this Friday.

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