Robinho reveals Globo’s persecution like Bolsonaro: “demon broadcaster”


After leaking audios of conversations with friends, Robinho says he is being chased by Globo, just as the broadcaster does with President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party).

“Good always wins and the truth will appear. The guys there are people used by the devil, right? We know how TV Globo is a demon broadcaster. You just have to see the soap operas, the schedules.

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So I’m at peace. God will give victory. That fulfills God’s purpose in my life. Putting them in, ‘we are together’ ”, he said.

Then he recalled President Jair Bolsonaro:

“I’m going to put on a shirt when I score: ‘Globo garbage, Bolsonaro is right,” said Robinho.

After intense pressure from the club’s sponsors, Santos decided, in agreement with the player, to suspend Robinho’s contract last Friday (16).

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Telephone intercepts

A detailed report released by GE revealed telephone interceptions authorized by the Italian court, used to convict the player in the first instance, for group sexual violence.

In November 2017, the Milan court upheld the accusations of the Italian Public Prosecutor’s Office, that Robinho allegedly participated, with five other men, in collective sexual violence against a 23-year-old Albanian woman in a nightclub in Milan. The episode happened in September 2013, when the player was 28 years old and played for Milan.

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