Robinho says betrayal changed his life and reveals Neymar’s support


Robinho said this Saturday night, at Fox Sports, who is a new person after the accusation of sexual violence against an Albanian woman in 2013 in Italy.

When he heard about the rape charge, Robinho talked to his wife and admitted adultery. The attacker ratifies innocence and reinforces the victim’s consent speech.

Robinho is sentenced in the first instance to nine years in prison. He resorts to freedom. The second instance of the Italian Justice is scheduled for December 10.

“I arrived crying and opened the truth. I can speak whatever is here, but the most important thing is what I am inside the house. I told her (wife) what happened, she cried and said that we are together. She said that the truth always wins and that would prove my innocence “, said Robinho.

“If that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. May they be an example, that they respect their wives. He’s been with me since I was 15, he’s with me for what I am and not for what I have. There are many negative examples, like that. Let the young people focus on their careers and take care. People want to take money. I am not the last case, other women tried to take money from players “, she added.

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Robinho said that the process changed his life.

“Maybe I was worse, not so well physically, I wouldn’t have prolonged my career. I converted, I changed. I am at peace with God, I know that God has something much bigger for my life. Nothing will take away my joy, but for those who love me are hard to see so many lies about my life “, he said.

“I will prove my innocence. I want to see if they will give the same emphasis, make a special program. Let the emphasis of innocence be the same as when they are hitting me. Everyone who cursed and made matters will have to apologize. The fans of Santos know me. I was always happy, the same everywhere. The reaction was wonderful, I was surprised by the amount of positive messages and prayers. There are few negative things. People who want to like and have no information “, amended.

Robinho also revealed Neymar’s support. The process opened by Najila Trindade was closed.

“He sent me a message. It is not a difficult fact to happen. It happened to Neymar. He supported me, offered to help me with the people who helped him in his innocence. We talk more about good things than bad,” he concluded.

Santos hired Robinho until February, but suspended the deal after public pressure and the risk of losing sponsors.

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