Robinho says: “My crime was to betray my wife” – 10/17/2020


After seven years of the night at the Sio Café nightclub in Milan and three years after his first conviction in Italy for group sexual violence against a young woman of Albanian origin, Robinho gave an interview about the episode. The player talked exclusively to the Sports for about 40 minutes, he said he was innocent, admitted intimate contact with the woman and said that the only mistake he made was cheating on his wife.

Even avoiding most of the questions, the player detailed his relationship with the woman that day in 2013: “A girl approached me, we started to have contact with her consent and mine too. We stayed there for a few minutes. touched himself. Then I went home “.

Robinho gives UOL an interview

Image: Marcelo Ferraz / UOL

The player declined to give further details, was instructed by his advisers not to individually comment on excerpts from the sentence that were leaked on Friday (16) and insisted on the version that “he had no sexual intercourse, penetration, nothing like that”.

“My friends told me the next day”

Robinho, who suspended his contract with Santos yesterday, told the report that he was not present at the time for which he is convicted of sexual violence in the first instance. He says he heard about what happened the next day.

“My friends told me the other day that, with the girl’s consent, they stayed with her, had sex with her because she wanted to. And that they left that club together with the same girl and went to another club. That’s what they told me” , he stated.

He admits he saw his friends with the girl as he left. It is not possible to say whether he was referring to intimate contacts between his friends and his wife at this point. “When I left, the boys stayed there with her consent. I’m defending myself. The boys, if they did something to her, I can’t speak for them. I know what I did to her and with her consent.”

“I would love to talk, but it could hurt me”

THE Sports asked the player about specific phrases attributed to him present in the report of the published yesterday — the story contained excerpts from the Italian court ruling that sentenced the player in the first instance. The athlete was instructed by his representatives, who interrupted the interview more than once, not to enter the “merit of the process”.

“Look, there are a lot of things that are out of context and that I would like to give you an interview in a broader way and explain exactly what happened. But since this is a secret of justice, I cannot say exactly. to speak, but that may harm me. I trust the Italian Justice. I cannot answer you exactly. But I am sure, without a doubt, that a lot of things went out of context “, he said.

I also have to give an interview kind of … the lawyers say that I can’t speak “.

Robinho also denied offering alcohol to the woman and questioned the drunkenness alleged by the victim. “When she approached me, she wasn’t drunk, because she remembers my name, she remembers who I am. The person who drinks doesn’t remember anything. She remembers. The fact that she went out to another club afterwards with the boys , it shows that she was not abused. The person who receives an abuse, I never received it and nobody in my family, thank God, it is something very serious, she would never leave there to go somewhere with these same boys “, she reported , remembering that he is only responsible for him and not for his friends.

“There was contact, I’m not denying that”

The report questioned the player about the phrase “this does not mean having sex” which is attributed to him by the leaked parts of the process, when he answered the statement “I saw you when I put my penis in her mouth”, which would have been said by the musician Jairo, nominally cited by the report.

“Many things that are talking about I don’t really remember, but there was a contact between me and her, there was. I’m not denying that. What didn’t happen was something forced on her, that didn’t happen,” replied the athlete.

“I regret cheating on my wife”

The athlete said that his only regret in any case was the betrayal of his wife, Vivian, with whom he has been since 2009 and has three children. “I regret cheating on my wife. This is my regret. Regarding the phrases that came out, out of context and to sell the newspaper and magazine … Obviously I changed a lot over the past seven years, this happened in 2013 and I changed for the better. The question is, what was the mistake I made? What was the crime that I committed? The mistake was not being faithful to my wife, I didn’t make any mistake of raping someone, of abusing some girl or go out with her without her consent, “he said.


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