Rodrigo Faro provokes Luiza and sings Black Race; watch


And Luiza Ambiel’s involvement with Raça Negra’s song “It’s too late” has not stopped being a subject. During the recording of the program Hora do Faro, the presenter made fun of the confusion that involved the actress and peons of A Fazenda 2020.

The Hora do Faro program will air on Sundays, starting at 3:15 pm, on Record TV. As usual, the presenter receives the last eliminated from The Farm 2020 for a chat about your time on the rural reality show. This week, the presenter will have Carol Narizinho in the frame “A Fazenda – Ultima Chance”.

The 2020 Farm – Rodrigo Faro provokes Luiza

Every week, Rodrigo Faro’s program is recorded on Fridays, the presenter always contacts the headquarters of The Farm 2020, either by a screen or just by voice, to pin pedestrians. Faro tends to spoil what the outcasts said about their confinement colleagues, which ends up generating conflicts and frustrations.

This week, the presenter spoke not only of what was said by Carol Narizinho in the recording of the program, but also decided to make fun of Luiza. The presenter sang “It’s too late”, by Raça Negra. The song caused confusion for several days in The Farm 2020, after Lidi Lisboa and Tays Reis sang the song, which Luiza considered provocation, for being ex-girlfriend of Luiz Carlos, vocalist of the group.


In conversation in the The Farm 2020, after recording the program, Lucas Maciel, Lipe Ribeiro and Mariano laughed and talked about the singing of Faro. “What was that about?” Commented the farmer of the week. “He is very debauched right. It was very good ”, replied the carioca, who completed by evaluating:“ in other words, that was the subject ”. “Of course it was,” said the countryman.

Picture promises intrigue and controversy

Of course, the painting “The Farm – Last Chance” does not let the ex-participant leave the program without leaving that pin on fellow confinement. During the program Hoje em Dia, also from Record TV, the presenter spoke about the appearance of Carol Narizinho, eliminated in the fifth garden of The Farm 2020, and promised: “there will be a lot of controversy”.

Last week, Mariano and Jakelyne were angry at the comments of Lucas Cartolouco, fourth out of The Farm 2020, and decided not to continue their friendship with the sports journalist.


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