Rodrigo Moraes reveals about participant and comments on controversies


Last Thursday (1) Rodrigo Moraes was the third eliminated from The Farm 12, the ex-pawn gave his first interview after confinement to the program “Hora do Faro” this Sunday (04). In addition, the former rural reality participant answered questions asked by the presenter.

With no tongue in cheek, the model fired his opinion on some of the participants. The most criticized by him was Mateus Carrieri. ”I already expected people to say something in front of me and something behind. But I feel false in him. ”, said Rodrigo on the program.

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Subsequently he still classified the actor as fake, traitor and gossip, even though he was eliminated, the fire in the hay continues. According to Rodrigo, Jakelyne Oliveira would be hitting on him before staying with the countryman Mariano.

“I thought it was natural, but then I started to see that she is playing. I believe that Mariano already felt that she had a foot for me. I came up with the idea of ​​not getting involved with anyone, but I had already opened up the possibility of doing something.”, finished.


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