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The president of Santos, Orlando Rollo, defended the hiring of Robinho, repatriated by Peixe last weekend.

Rollo answered the ge’s report exclusively and stated that Robinho has been suffering “moral stoning” since it was made official as a reinforcement for Santos. In 2017, the attacker was sentenced in the first instance to nine years in prison for sexual violence in Italy and appeals the decision in freedom.

And that is precisely the argument of the president of Santos, who believes that Robinho deserves the opportunity while the process is not over.

– It is the right of anyone to disagree with the hiring. Agree, disagree, everyone has their opinion. I just think the moral stoning they are doing with Robinho is inhumane without having a final sentence. In other words, it became final. It is a process that is underway in Italy, it is far from over, it still has other spheres to decide. It is in second degree, there is still appeal and one more appeal. What is happening is stoning, ”said Rollo.

– They politicized the hiring of Robinho. Robinho after that accusation has already played for Santos, at Atlético-MG, played abroad and nobody said anything. They started to stone him now – continued the president of Santos.

Orlando Rollo, president of Santos, attended the report of the ge at Vila Belmiro – Photo: Eduardo Valim

Civil police officer removed from his duties since he assumed the presidency of Santos, Orlando Rollo also says he has already dealt with cases of sexual violence and that this was taken into account by the club before Robinho was hired.

Regardless of that, Rollo reveals that Santos has requested access to the process, which runs in secret from justice in Italy.

– I have investigated rape cases and arrested many rapists. It is a crime that I abhor as a policeman and a human being. And we abhor any kind of violence, even more violence against women. We hate it. Only Robinho is not condemned. There is no final sentence. Everyone is judging Robinho and no one has even read the file. I already ordered a copy of the process, and the translator is still translating. Nobody even saw the process. It’s inhuman.

Robinho’s return to Santos generated a wide debate and led to criticism of the club on social networks after the announcement of the agreement last Saturday. Rollo says he chose to hire him because he did not have a final sentence.

– What amazes me even people convicted of justice stoning for justice, and he was not even convicted. It is evident that Santos took this problem into account. Only we were aware that he is not doomed.

– Who am I to judge? The judge has to judge. The judge of Italy – shoots Rollo.

Orlando Rollo and Robinho on the day of the striker’s announcement at Santos – Photo: Disclosure / Santos FC

Creating the base, Robinho will defend Santos for the fourth time. The striker has played 246 games and scored 109 goals for Peixe. He was one of the stars of Alvinegro in the conquests of the Brazilian Championship in 2002 and 2004. The player returned two more times (2010 and 2014), when he won Paulistão (2010 and 2015) and the Copa do Brasil (2010).

Robinho will have a symbolic salary of R $ 1,500, however, with a bonus of R $ 300 thousand after ten games and an additional R $ 300 thousand after 15 games, an amount to be paid at the end of the contract. The Fish will have the preference to renew with the attacker for another year and seven months.

Robinho was sentenced to nine years in prison for sexual violence in Italy. The decision is first instance. There are still resources, and the player appealed.

According to the sentence, the crime occurred on January 22, 2013, along with five other men, and the victim is of Albanian origin. The sentence came out in 2017, when the striker had already left Italian football – he defended Atlético-MG at the time. Robinho denies involvement in the case and appealed.

Robinho, do Santos – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

Last Tuesday, Robinho’s lawyers released an official note explaining details of the case. The defense claims that the player should be considered a “free man” until all resources are exhausted.

– According to the Italian Constitutional Order, Robinho must be considered innocent, based on Article 27 of the Constitutional Charter of the Italian Republic, according to which the accused is not found guilty until the final sentence (and this only if the conviction is confirmed by the Supreme Court of Cassation, which adjudicates after the Court of Appeal) – says the note (CLICK HERE and see in full).

In an interview with CBN radio last Saturday, jurist Wálter Maierovitch said that the attacker, who is still awaiting trial for an appeal, cannot be found guilty:

– In reality, there is a civilizing principle, adopted even by our Constitution, which is the presumption of innocence. We cannot forget that. Robinho was sentenced in the first degree. In Italy, it’s a college, a court, it’s not just a judge. It has popular participation. He was convicted, but it is not a definitive conviction. He appealed and the right to appeal in freedom was recognized. This is on appeal. Therefore, I think that we cannot exclude and set aside this presumption of non-culpability.

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