Romana Novais reveals ‘outbreak’ with exposure on social networks


Romana Novais decided to vent to Instagram followers on Saturday afternoon (2). The doctor, who is pregnant with Alok for the second time, said she sometimes “freaked out” when trying to balance exposure and privacy on social media.

The situation started after an internet user asked how the DJ’s wife does to reconcile personal life and exposure on the networks. “You have to have a lot of maturity. Sometimes we freak out, right. The worst of all is knowing that you are being judged all the time. It seems that I am in an eternal BBB”, he replied.

Romana is six months pregnant. She and Alok are already parents of Ravi, who was born in January 2020. The doctor recently used Instagram to counter criticism about the alleged planned pregnancy and also comments about the name she chose for the child she hopes for, Raika.


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