RS has 5,282 deaths and 218,800 infected with the coronavirus; only Cerro Branco did not register cases | Rio Grande do Sul


Rio Grande do Sul reached 5,282 deaths by Covid-19, this Thursday (15), with the 45 deaths registered by the State Department of Health. Most occurred in the last 11 days, except three that happened in August and September and had the notification updated.

As the variation in the moving average, compared to two weeks ago, decreased by 23%, the downward trend in deaths continues.

With an additional 1,997 infected, the state has had 218,835 cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. THE disease was confirmed in 496 of the 497 municipalities.

Only Cerro Branco, in the Central Region, has no official record from the state secretariat. The city is more than 200 km from Porto Alegre and has a population estimated at 4.7 thousand residents, according to IBGE.

For the coordinator of primary health care in Cerro Branco, Thatiane Veiga Siqueira, the prevention actions combined with the geographic characteristics of the city contributed to the positive result.

“It is a municipality with less than five thousand inhabitants, more isolated, where a large portion of the population lives in the rural area of ​​tobacco production. It has a large territorial extension, which facilitates the distance. In addition, we follow the protocols of the Ministry of Health, we did awareness actions, we distributed masks and alcohol gel, and we do not have a mall or a large factory that has people crowded, “he says.

Cerro Branco is the only city in RS not to have a Covid-19 registration – Photo: Emanuéli Sima / Disclosure

Among the confirmed cases, 205,543 people (93.9%) are considered recovered. Another 7,980 patients (3.7%), however, are being followed up. The lethality rate is 2.4%.

The occupancy rate of ICU beds in hospitals in RS is 72.4%. Of this percentage, 39.8% are patients with Covid-19 or suspected of severe acute respiratory syndrome.

In addition to the positive diagnoses, RS performed 884.3 thousand tests, between RT-PCR and serological tests, which had a negative result.

According to the media consortium, Brazil has 151.9 thousand deaths and 5.14 million confirmed cases.

  • Alvorada (female, 60 years)
  • Alvorada (female, 86 years old)
  • Bento Gonçalves (male, 78 years)
  • Cachoeirinha (male, 72 years)
  • Cachoeirinha (male, 78 years)
  • Cachoeirinha (male, 94 years)
  • Canoas (female, 93 years old)
  • Canoas (male, 65 years)
  • Capão do Leão (female, 86 years old)
  • Carazinho (male, 44 years)
  • Gramado (male, 90 years)
  • Gravataí (male, 88 years)
  • Gravataí (male, 50 years)
  • Guaíba (male, 52 years)
  • Ibiaçá (male, 65 years)
  • Lindolfo Collor (female, 75 years old)
  • Nova Santa Rita (male, 36 years)
  • Novo Hamburgo (male, 79 years)
  • Palmeira das Missões (female, 63 years old)
  • Parobé (female, 78 years)
  • Pelotas (male, 34 years)
  • Pelotas (female, 76 years old)
  • Porto Alegre (male, 68 years old)
  • Porto Alegre (male, 63 years old)
  • Porto Alegre (male, 75 years)
  • Porto Alegre (male, 84 years)
  • Porto Alegre (male, 93 years old)
  • Porto Alegre (female, 62 years old)
  • Porto Alegre (male, 55 years)
  • Porto Alegre (female, 86 years old)
  • Porto Alegre (male, 66 years)
  • Porto Alegre (female, 87 years old)
  • Porto Alegre (female, 93 years old)
  • Santa Maria (female, 72 years old)
  • Santa Maria (female, 82 years)
  • São Leopoldo (female, 79 years old)
  • Sapiranga (male, 81 years)
  • Sapucaia do Sul (male, 73 years)
  • Taquari (male, 87 years)
  • Uruguaiana (female, 62 years)
  • Uruguaiana (male, 64 years)
  • Vale do Sol (male, 63 years)
  • Viamão (female, 84 years old)
  • Viamão (male, 72 years)
  • Viamão (male, 64 years)

The update also had 93 cases excluded due to duplication or result review, but the secretariat did not say which cities.


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