Rude! Turtle ‘shows’ middle finger and wins photography prize; see – Unusual World



“Rude” turtle photo was taken by Mark Fitzpatrick and won photo contest

An turtle
that seems to show the middle finger
in a photo was the winner of a photo contest
worldwide. In the image, which was taken by photographer Mark Fitzpatrick, the wild animal appears to be swimming with a physiognomy that seems to show irritation. The prize that Fitzpatrick took home was the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The photo of the professional was in dispute with 43 other images taken worldwide with pictures of fun or curious situations. The trophy given to Fitzpatrick was handcrafted in Tanzania, but he still won as a reward a weeklong safari in Kenya for two and a Nikon camera.

According to the organizers of the award, the award aims to “raise awareness of conservation efforts in an engaging and positive way”.

On Instagram, the photographer was congratulated by those responsible for the award. “Mark Fitzpatrick wins this year’s competition with this fantastic image of Terry the Turtle. He [Terry] are you sending us a message? We will leave the interpretations to you, but it is an appropriate winner and therefore congratulations to our Mark. Thanks to everyone who participated, and everyone who follows the conservation message we are trying to convey. As we always say, a little effort is better than nothing. “

Another winning image, in the Flying Creatures category, was a small dragonfly, photographed by Tim Hearn. In the Popular Choice category, the public decided to reward a rodent that is looking at the sky, at the moment captured by Roland Kranitz.


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