Rumor: leaks short video from PlayStation 5 linking


One of the mysteries of the PlayStation 5 that we still don’t know, among other things, is how its interface will be. The console basically arrives in a month and a half and we still don’t have information on how the console menu will look.

At your reveal event, at one point we had a scene that looked like the PlayStation 5 calling. In addition, in the past, it has been said that the user interface on the PlayStation 5 will be completely revamped and fast. But even if that’s the console screen turning on, we don’t know what’s next.

Now, via Reddit, a possible video (in Russian) has leaked and shows a little more. That is, if the video is real, we can see that the connecting console has the same sound as the PS3 and PS4 (that “beep”) and, after the PlayStation logo, we have the same scene seen in the video mentioned in the previous paragraph. However, the leaked video goes a little further, showing the accounts in a similar way to PS4.

Unfortunately, the video ends there, but it is quite clear that the original must be larger because of the progress bar on it. However, until it leaks too, that’s what we have at the moment. This, of course, if you believe it is real.

If the video below doesn’t load, download the video here or see it on Reddit itself.

PS5 UI Startup Leak (Video) from r/PS5


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