Rumors suggest that Samsung will launch the new Galaxy S … Now !? Leak


The smartphone market has changed, this is undeniable! It is no coincidence that OnePlus launched its Nord, Samsung launched the S20 FE and Apple launched the iPhone SE 2020 in April and now the iPhone 12 Mini. All devices that bet on high-end features at mid-range prices.

Why this change in strategy? Manufacturers have to start betting more on the mid-range and mid-high range! And for that, it is necessary to present real alternatives to the top of the range.

In addition, it is also necessary to change the launching strategy a little, to make room for new and innovative models such as Samsung’s Fold or Huawei’s Mate Xs.

Having said all that, it seems that Samsung is ready to tinker with its traditional launch strategy a little bit by launching the new Galaxy S21 (or S30) later this year, or early next year.

New rumors suggest that Samsung will launch the new Galaxy S … Now !?

Galaxy s.

So, as you may know, where there is smoke … Fire! Just look at the example of Apple chargers, since we already knew about the removal of these ‘extras’ since June, thanks to the famous leaks.

Well, now that Apple has launched its new iPhone 12, it seems that Samsung is beginning to see an opportunity in front of it to immediately rival its apple opponent. And of course, for that, it is necessary to launch the new Galaxy S, with the new SoC and in addition new features as soon as possible. Apparently, it might even mean a launch already at Christmas 2020, or at the latest, January 2021.

I say all this, as you may know, Samsung loves to announce its new high-end devices at about the same time as MWC in February. That is, traditionally, Samsung announces the new range in February, with the first units to hit the market in March.

But as in 2021 there is no MWC (it was postponed to June), there is no longer any need to try to keep up with the industry.

Therefore, Samsung may prefer to launch at CES, or just before this event. Especially because, with the arrival of Z Flip and Z Fold2, the South Korean giant has to start planning a new launch strategy, so as not to throw everything into the sauce. Incidentally, some rumors even point to a Galaxy S30 Ultra, which is actually a simple successor to the Note 20 Ultra, by bringing support to the S-Pen.

In short, as the sales of the S20 were not fantastic, and the world is quite different, it is time to try new things.

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