Russian vaccine: laboratory in Santa Maria, DF, will be the first in the country to produce immunizers


The production of the Russian vaccine pilot Sputnik V. is scheduled for November; for now, the immunizer will not be available to the edit population

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247 – The production of Russian Sputnik V. vaccine pilots, registered in early August, will take place at the JK Development Pole, in Santa Maria, DF. In November, production will begin, but there is still no forecast for exactly when the general public will have access to the immunizer. Sputnik V. has not yet been released by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

As reported no Metropolises, the load with the viral vector, raw material for the vaccine, landed in the Federal District last Thursday (22). Some steps have yet to be completed before pilots are produced, such as production guidance and checking factory equipment.

“This stage is part of the universe of the pharmaceutical sector. Only after the vaccine has been validated by Anvisa and with regulatory authorizations will we be able to start immunizing the Brazilian people according to the coordination of the RDIF. In this process, Anvisa is our guide. We will respect the stages of the agency’s protocol, ”said Rogério Rosso, director of international business for the União Química group (group that owns the Polo JK) and former governor of the Federal District.

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