Russomanno and PT dispute Mico 2020 trophy – 10/22/2020


Celso Russomanno and Jilmar Tatto hooked up their candidacies for the city of São Paulo in the godparents Bolsonaro and Lula. Datafolha reveals that, 20 days before the election, Russomanno (20%) melts, giving up the leadership to the toucan Bruno Covas (23%). And Tatto (4%), the PT candidate, boasts a sub-PSOL performance, well below Guilherme Boulos (14%).

Research is not an urn. But if the movements outlined in the data collected by Datafolha are consolidated, it will be understood that the Brazilian elections are no longer decided on marketing moves and top sponsorships.

It works more or less like a feijoada. This type of ingredient serves as a seasoning. It can improve or worsen the dish. But it is up to the candidate to provide the meat and beans that give consistency to the recipe. Russomanno’s ribs threaten to bite for the third time. And the PT beans from Tatto exudes a rotten smell. The duo ventures to dispute not the mayor’s seat, but the trophy “Mico de 2020.”


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