Russomanno reaffirms that lack of bath can make homeless people immune to covid-19 – Politics


The federal deputy Celso Russomanno (Republicans), candidate for City Hall of São Paulo, reaffirmed on Wednesday (14) the hypothesis that it raised according to which the lack of bath would have left homeless people and people from the cracolândia immune to covid-19.

“I was making a point that science has to explain why they (the homeless) are immune. Maybe because they have more resistance, just for that, that’s what I wanted to talk about. They have more resistance than us. What I said, and I repeat again, is that it was boasted – and I begin by saying this – that the residents and the street and that Cracolândia would be decimated, would be exterminated by Covid-19. And that is not what happened. AND (I said) that science has to explain a lot to us in relation to the covid, that’s what I was considering, ”he said at the end of a lunch with wholesale and retail fashion entrepreneurs from Brás.

Asked then, if he maintained Tuesday’s statement, Russomanno replied: “I’ll ask you this, is it a lie or a truth? We are going to combine the three of us today, at 6 pm, College Courtyard and we will ask if it is a truth or a lie. Topa? Topa? I want to know if public appliances give bathrooms so they can shower every day. Do they? ”He said, directing the question to two journalists who accompanied him.

Russomanno had touched on the subject on Tuesday, during an event promoted by the São Paulo Commercial Association, in defending the vertical insulation – modality of social distance questioned by experts and defended by his electoral cape, the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, in which only people from covid-19 risk groups, such as the elderly, would be isolated.

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According to the São Paulo City Hall, 300 people homeless were diagnosed by the Consultório na Rua and Redenção programs. Of these, 30 died due to the disease.

The municipality of São Paulo has more than 24 thousand homeless people, between those who stay in shelters and those who have no vacancy. Of them, 2,200 are over 60 years old.

Before the deputy spoke to reporters on Wednesday, Russomanno’s campaign released a note signed by the candidate in which he claims to respect scientists and homeless people and residents of Cracolândia.

“In a lecture at the Associação Comercial de São Paulo, I spoke about homeless people and Cracolândia. Some journalists caught phrases of mine out of context, which distorted the meaning of what I said. I will clarify once and for all: I respect science, I am not a denialist. And I also respect the homeless and Cracolândia residents, who need our understanding and our support, not with demagogic actions, but with measures that can, in fact, alleviate their problems ”, said the text.

The Russomanno hypothesis has no support in science and medicine, according to an infectious disease physician from Hospital Emílio Ribas Jamal Suleiman.

Suleiman also questions the notion that there were no homeless people who died as a result of the disease. He said that Hospital Emílio Ribas attended several in these circumstances and adds that many homeless people do not even seek medical care because they do not understand that they can trust the institutions – case of drug addicts, for example.


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