Sale of F-35 to the UAE. US Democrats fear imbalance of forces in Middle East


Eliot Engel, Democrat, leader of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, said that the sale of airplanes can “significantly modify the military balance in the Gulf and affect Israel’s military advantage”.

“The export of these planes requires a very serious analysis and Congress has to study all the ramifications. Rushing these sales doesn’t interest anyone”Added Engel.The Senate and House of Representatives Committees for Foreign Affairs have the power to review and block arms sales under an informal review process.

Both have criticized the role played by Emirati military forces, allied with Saudi Arabia, in the death of civilians in the Yemeni war.
Common threat
According to the Reuters news agency, the sale to the UAE of the 50 F-35s manufactured by Lockheed Martin was agreed between the Trump Administration and the Emirates shortly after the UAE’s signing of Israeli recognition last August.

The two parties will want the business authorizations to be resolved in time for the UAE National Day celebrations on December 2.

With the US presidential elections scheduled for the week, on November 3, nothing is guaranteed, especially if Donald Trump, the main driver of Israel’s recent recognition by Arab countries, is replaced by Democrat Joe Biden.

Until last month Israel was opposed to the intention of selling this weaponry to the UAE, but the scenario has changed and the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, says he received guarantees that Israeli military superiority will be preserved.

We all face a common threat”, Netanyahu said at a press conference this Thursday, in an apparent allusion to Iran and the Ayatolas government, which vowed to destroy Israel and who oppose the hegemony of Sunni Islam in the Gulf.


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