Sam Alves, from ‘The Voice’, lives in New York and says he put on 15 kg – 10/16/2020


Champion of the second season of The Voice Brasil, Sam Alves, lives in the United States for 3 years with her boyfriend, model and actor Leo Moreira. With personal and professional plans, he revealed that he is taking a gap year.

“I had in mind that I wanted to do more songs in my style, my way, more in English. In Brazil, I felt restricted. When I had the opportunity to get out of the contract, I was able to plan my return to the USA, a more independent job, I was able to do things my way, in my time “, he said in an interview for GShow.

Sam reveals that for a period he worked as an application driver: “I spent a year and a half driving, from 2018 until the end of 2019. I bought a car as soon as I arrived in Orlando and started to do the job of driver by application and win one extra money not to enter the saved money, it was a way to keep me from eating the savings money. Then, when I moved from Orlando to New York, I didn’t do it anymore “.

The singer during the interview also gave details of how his social isolation is going. “The quarantine started here in March. Now I’m focused on my career, it didn’t affect me in the financial sense, because I wasn’t doing shows, I’m not on tour, it only affected the personal side of distancing myself socially, going to the market less times a month and follow what has to be done “, he said.

“I watch a lot of films to pass the time, I have written songs, I set up my own studio at home and I keep my producer from Brazil. Now, from a distance, I do my part here and he in Rio de Janeiro. It was the way we found to move forward at work without having to go back to Brazil “, comments Sam.

The former participant of The Voice commented that he is currently focused on his health and well-being.

“In the quarantine, I tried to watch videos and work out at home, but I didn’t feel like it. I gained about 15 kg in the quarantine, but I want to keep the weight and transform the fat into muscle mass. I’m 74/75 kg and I’m enjoying myself. To be honest, the ideal weight for me is this, but I have to lose fat, so I have been changing my diet in the last weeks to more organic and natural foods and working out to be able to have the look I want, and not the weight itself “, said.

In his participation in the musical reality, Sam starred in one of the best performances alongside Marcela Bueno. During the battle, the duo sang the song A Thousand Years, by singer Christina Perri.


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