Sam’s Club to open store on Walmart site in Americana



Announcement was made by Mayor Omar Najar on Wednesday; new store is expected to start operating between May and June next year

By André Rossi

14 Oct 2020 at 16:00 • Last updated 14 Oct 2020 at 16:29

The Mayor of Americana, Omar Najar (MDB), announced on Wednesday (14) that the BIG Group will install a Sam’s Club unit in the area of ​​the old Walmart building, which caught fire on February 22, 2013. Toda the structure had to be demolished.

The forecast is that the new store will start operating between May and June 2021. Both Walmart and Sam’s Club belong to the BIG Group.

Walmart building had to be demolished after fire in 2013 – Photo: Hellen do Valle Vitta

According to the Chief Executive, about 300 direct and indirect jobs will be generated. Company representatives visited the mayor’s office in the morning to present the project, which has already been filed.

“I am very happy with the return of the BIG Group to Americana during my tenure and we will do everything to help speed up the installation process, as our city can only win,” said Omar.

Mayor Omar Najar (center) with Sam’s Club representatives – Photo: Playback / Facebook

Located on Avenida Brasil, on the corner of Rua Paineiras, the land is 21,000 meters long, of which 7,100 were occupied by the hypermarket building. The site had been on sale since the second half of 2018.

During the past year, the company was asked by LIBERAL if there was an intention to build a new venture in the city. At the time, however, the BIG Group only informed that it would not rebuild Walmart and that it did not comment on future investments.

The report questioned the press office of the BIG Group on Wednesday about the investment in the Americana unit and details of the future store, but the group said it would not speak out at this time.

How does it work

Sam’s Club’s business model is based on United States shopping clubs. It is necessary to become a partner to be able to buy at the unit.

Registration can be done on the website or in physical stores and it is necessary to pay an annual fee of R $ 75. Without being a member, it is not possible to consume on site.

Business model is based on US shopping clubs – Photo: Disclosure

There are 33 stores spread across the country. In the region, there is one in Campinas and another in Piracicaba, whose unit was opened on Wednesday.

In the service portfolio, the shopping club offers butchers with special cuts of meat and a cellar with more than 600 labels of wines and sparkling wines, in addition to a special line of spirits.

According to the executive director of Sam’s Club, Marcos Ambrosano, the idea is to awaken in the consumer the feeling of “buying abroad”.

“For this, we bring together in our stores a wide variety of imported, exclusive and day-to-day products with differentiated packaging to provide a large economy of scale to the customer in the long run,” said Ambrosano.


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