Samsung also plays with iPhone charger removal –


You obviously must have seen, in our article earlier today or in the vast world of the internet, several teasing directed at Apple due to the removal of the chargers from the boxes of iPhones. Xiaomi was quicker in making fun, but it was inevitable: just now, who joined the joke was the Samsung.

More precisely, Samsung’s official Facebook page on Facebook posted a very direct message to Apple and its [potenciais] consumers: an image of an outlet charger and the reminder that it already comes in the box with Galaxy smartphones.

The publication’s caption also poked Apple – not only for the absence of the charger, but also for the lack of 120Hz screens on iPhones 12:

Your Galaxy gives you everything you are looking for. From the most basic, like a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz screen on a smartphone.

Of course, Samsung (like any other company) is more than right to capitalize on the issue at hand and make a good laugh with Apple’s face.

On the other hand, let us remember that the South Korean has a not very good history with these teasing: she has already made fun of the notch of iPhones to launch, then, dozens of devices with cutouts (smaller, but still cutouts) at the top. She also made fun of removing the headphone jack and… well, you already know what happened.

So let’s see if this time the Sammy will keep your mood consistent. 😛

via MacRumors


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