Samsung does the same as Xiaomi and attacks Apple and its iPhone 12!


Although it was practically before the presentation of the iPhone 12, during the event Apple ended up officially confirming that the new smartphones (and also the old ones) will no longer come with a charger and earphones included in the box. Unfortunately it has already become a habit, but some Android manufacturers continue to feel the need to attack all of Apple’s strategies and its new smartphones.

Right after the event, Xiaomi hurried to launch a video showing very proudly that its new Xiaomi Mi 10T continues to arrive with the charger present in the box. In the same line of thought, Samsung decided to make a contribution by publishing an image on its Facebook account that shows only a charger, accompanied by the phrase “included with your Galaxy”.

In addition, they also resorted to Twitter to publish an image showing all their high-end smartphones (and tablets) that support 5G, saying that “some people are saying hello at speed now, we have been friends for some time now. time”.

Picardies between Android makers and Apple are totally unreasonable

This type of strategy on the part of the brands has been going on for many years, having become almost a cliché, especially with regard to the attack of Android smartphone manufacturers on Apple. As many users ended up highlighting both on Facebook and Twitter, this type of “attack” ends up indicating greater insecurity than superiority.

Apple did not compare to any other company when it revealed that the iPhone 12 would arrive without the charger and earphones in the box. They simply revealed to their fans that this would become the brand’s new strategy going forward. Therefore, the free attack by Xiaomi and Samsung is totally unreasonable, especially since they are more likely to end up doing the same sooner or later.

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