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One of the most controversial “news” of the iPhone 12, the removal of the battery charger from the product packaging was the target of a provocation by Samsung. A profile of the South Korean company on social media nudged the rival, noting that the accessory is included in Galaxy phones, showing that those responsible for the account have not learned from some lessons from the past.

Samsung Caribe’s Facebook post cites not only the charger but also “the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120 Hz screen” as differentiating its products from its rival. The last feature was considered to be on the iPhone 12 Pro, but rumors indicate that availability problems with the screen controllers prevented its inclusion in the cell phone.

Samsung was not the only one to provoke Apple for not offering the gift charger with the new iPhone. Xiaomi’s official Twitter profile posted a video to prove it did not follow in the footsteps of the American manufacturer.

Until when? (Image: reproduction / SamsungCaribe)

Does history repeat itself?

It is worth remembering that a very similar script took place in 2016, shortly after Apple announced the iPhone 7. Competitors and users came together to criticize the removal of the headphone jack. Although the manufacturer was not the first to eliminate the connector, it ended up influencing other companies.

A few years later, Samsung did the same with the Galaxy Note 10 line. Soon after the launch of the smartphone, the South Korean removed a YouTube video in which it criticized Apple’s decision.

Recently, a South Korean website published that Samsung is considering not giving the accessory to buyers of its cell phones. Apparently, smartphone makers only expect consumer reaction to Apple’s decision to adopt the same spending cut.

Source: Samsung Caribe (archived)

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