Samu driver from Teresina dies after complications from Covid-19


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The driver of the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu), James Carlos de Oliveira, 42, died in the early hours of Thursday (15) after complications caused by Covid-19. He had been hospitalized for about two months, undergoing treatment for the disease.

According to the general director of Samu in Teresina, Francine Amorim, James Carlos was admitted to the hospital in Campanha Pedro Balzi, but was in the ICU of Hospital São Marcos in recent months. According to her, the driver had no comorbidities.

James Carlos de Oliveira worked at Samu in Teresina for about 16 years and was known by his colleagues as one of the most hardworking professionals on the team. “A professional who contributed to saving many lives in Teresina. In addition, he was a great father, husband and son. It is a great loss for everyone,” lamented Samu’s director, Francine Amorim.

The driver’s wife, Elisangela de Jesus, is also part of the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) team, acting as a rescuer.

The conductor’s funeral was held late Thursday morning (15). Family members and co-workers carried out a procession along avenues in the south, which also had the presence of ambulances from Samu.

By means of a note, the general direction of Samu de Teresina spoke about the death:

It is with deep regret that we report the death of our journey companion James Carlos de Oliveira Rocha, the driver of this service.

We recognize all the work and effort we have done over the years.

We also express solidarity with family and friends, especially with the rescuer and wife, Elisangela de Jesus, ratifying the vow of condolence for the great loss.

Natanael Souza
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